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Around 1998, a small group of guys: Jerry Brumfield, Ron Lukins, Steve Ball, Darryl Renn, Dave Schaap, Ray Baxter, Al Sprock, and Bob Witbracht decided they wanted to start a street rod club in the Sacramento Area dedicated to strictly pre '49 vehicles, as a spinoff of the San Diego Over The Hill Gang chapter.

After getting an official okay from San Diego's officers, our club was formed on April 14, 1998. In an effort to include more car enthusiast, in 2018 the Club voted to expand the club to include all pre 1973 American vehicles.

The objective of this Club shall be the promotion of friendly relations and social activities between it's members and the dissemination of knowledge concerning Street Rods and 1972 and older vehicles, and use that interest for fund raising and community service to non-profit organizations and people in need.

The club holds it's meetings the Barn Cafe in Elk Grove, CA.
We currently have a limit of 56 members and normally have at least 35-40 present at every meeting.

We pride ourselves in member attendance at various street rod functions and have brought home a large number of "Club Participation" awards.

The organization of choice for our donations is  "Project Ride"  which is an Elk Grove based non-profit organization that offers recreational therapeutic horseback riding instruction for special education for children and adults from Sacramento and surrounding communities. The program is dedicated to the improvement of the rider's physical, mental and emotional well-being through interaction with patient, specially trained horses and ponies. A unique bond is formed between the horses and the special education riders as they are encouraged to test their abilities, to develop their sense of balance, and to improve their self-image, posture and coordination.
All profits from our yearly Pre-Father's Day Car Show raffle get donated to this organization.

Click here for more info on Project Ride